Monday, April 5, 2010

Jean Paul's Paridiso

This is one of the 20 Best Pizzas of Cincinnati

Jean Paul's is located on Clough Pike in Anderson. It is mostly carry-out, with only two tables and a small bar inside. There are no fountain drinks, only bottles (and they were out of Diet Coke when I went). The restaurant includes a small bakery, with quite a few nice looking items. The place is run by its namegiver Jean Paul, a chef from Switzerland, and he makes all the food from scratch.

The food is mostly Italian, and I thought the highlight was the pizza (which we ordered, of course). This place has great thick crust Artisan pizzas (Also, they had a Sicilian pizza with pepperoni, salami, ham, and capicola, which looked pretty amazing). The pizzas are 16" and dense - loaded with cheese and toppings. We ordered the Grecian, and I was unable to finish the pie, which is unusual. The feta cheese, olives, and artichoke were all fresh and delicious. All around an excellent pizza.

Didn't finish the pizza, but I thought it would be a shame if we try something from the bakery, so we decided to split a Chocolate Cannoli. Again, very good:

Recommended, especially if you are looking for good pizza in Anderson. The whole meal was $25 - above average, but you get your money's worth.

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