Saturday, April 3, 2010

Newport Pizza Company

This is one of the 20 Best Pizzas of Cincinnati

Newport Pizza Company is one of my favorite pizzerias in Cincinnati. I've been there quite a few times, so I'll give a summary of what I know about the place:

They have quite a few appetizers. All of them were at least decent. The Fried Mozzarella is probably the best - their's come's in big cubes rather than sticks and is pretty good. The Asiago Spinach Dip is good and about what you'd expect. Also, the garlic bread is a great deal at $2.25 (especially if you're the type to liberally use the bottles of olive oil placed at each table). I've also had the sandwiches here which are decent, but with the pizza, the opportunity cost is too high to order one, IMHO. So, the appetizers and other items are all pretty good but just to tide you over for the pizza.

NPC pizzas are all thin crust. It's not quite "New York Style" but they are big messy thin slices. They have several artisan pizzas - I've tried the Zeus and the "Lotsa Mozza and Roma" both of which were quite good. I'm not a fan of pineapple, chili, or barbeque on a pizza, so I passed over most of the others. In my opinion, their best pizza is the straight Perfect Pepperoni. It's a classic American pizza - there's lot's of cheese and meat and it's very greasy (Of course, the veteran pizza connoisseur knows the solution to excess grease is excess parmesan cheese). Overall, I've found Newport to be a very good full-flavored pizza.

The Zeus:

If so inclined, ask the waitress for the pizza "Joe's Way" - That's a Perfect Pepperoni with jalepenos and feta cheese. She won't know what the hell you're talking about. But it is a good pizza.

It should be mentioned that they have a pretty nice beer selection, with labels like Dead Guy and Bells. They have a few huge French Canadian beers for $10 a piece. Also, the only desert I've had was a $0.60 chocolate chip cookie, which was about the size of my face and finished the meal just fine.

Highly recommended - Newport Pizza Company has some of the best pizza in Cincinnati and at reasonable prices. I've recommended this pizza to quite a few people and have received overwhelmingly positve feedback.
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