Sunday, April 11, 2010

Terry's Turf Club

When you go to Terry's Turf Club, be sure to allocate plenty of time for this burger joint. The quickest that I've gotten a table here has been after a 50 minute wait, at 9:00pm... I'm pretty sure that I was the only person there recommending that they raise prices to cut down on the wait (An hour + wait is a price also. Your time is worth something, right?). Or they should somehow expand the place. However, they are able to get away with making you wait so long, because their burgers are excellent.

When you arrive a Terry's, get ready to stand outside and enjoy some drinks and complementary peanuts for a while... When you get a table (a hour and a half later), you'll notice the interesting decor. There is no lighting, the dining area is lit entirely by various beer signs and such:

The menu is pretty simple. But my experience indicates that a simple menu means the restaurant only makes a few things but does them well. That's definitely true here. The burgers are large and delicious. And. they actually do have a good variety of topping options (like goat cheese and banana peppers).

Ah, the Life of Kings...
The fries are plentiful and very good - they're thick and home-made. They also have a nice selection of craft beers.

I'm not sure I've had all the great burgers of Cincinnati, and so am not necessarily qualified to judge. However, I would say this is the best burger I have had in Cincinnati (I think Zip's is is a little bland).

Terry's is a must try for Cincinnatians. I would go as soon a possible, before it's Food Network exposure drives the wait up to four hours.

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