Wednesday, May 26, 2010

City View Tavern

Last month, I was at morning event at the Cincinnati Art Museum. With the rare opportunity to grab a weekday lunch in Mt. Adams, a friend and I opted for an old favorite of mine - City View Tavern.

City View is a hole in the wall bar and grill on Oregon St, a little bit away from the Mt. Adams bar district. The menu is fairly simple. They've got some basic bar food that they do quite well. And, as the name indicates, the bar has an excellent view of downtown Cincinnati.

I ordered their specialty - a burger, here called the "Big Ted":

The burger was juicy and very good. Also, it came with Grippos BBQ chips, which are for my money the best potato chips in the world.

Also, here is a "Myrt's Wurst", a "Smoked, hot, quarter-pound mett on dark rye, with horseradish, brown mustard, onion, catsup, and American cheese":

Maybe my favorite part of City View is that the walls are covered with Cincinnati history. It's like an archive of sports and politics from the town I grew up in. For example, here's where the Red's ballpark should have been built:

And of course, a nice view of the city from the bar:

And the view from the deck:

In sum, City View has one of the better burgers in Cincinnati: Not at the level of Terry's Turf Club. But, if you don't feel like waiting 90 minutes to eat, this is a great option.

The Tequila Legend/Warning: City View Tavern does not serve tequila. If you try to order it, you may hear this story: There used to be a regular who would order tequila all the time. He would then proceed to get very drunk and scream about how he was going to jump off the deck. That troublemaking regular turned out to be the infamous Cincinnatian Charles Manson. As this story demonstrates the link between tequila and serial killing, if you want tequila at City View they will only give you a story.

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