Monday, May 3, 2010

My White Whale Beckons

A few months ago, I learned from Cincinnati Nomerati that Ramundo’s Pizzeria in Mt. Lookout has a rather intriguing pizza challenge. If two people can eat one of their 24" New York style pizzas in 10 minutes, then that pizza is free. A little math reminder - at 24" pizza is about the size of two 17" large pizzas from Dewey's. So, it is definitely a challenge, but I didn't think impossible. My friend Justin (A legendary eater in his own right) and I set out to tackle this challenging pizza soon after learning about it. We finally were able to hit up Ramundo's last week...

Ramundo's is not a very big restaurant. They have a lot of carry-out orders and walk-up pizza-by-the-slice sales. The place only has a couple tables inside and a couple more outside. So, this 24" pizza used up roughly one quarter of their interior table space. For the challenge, you can order anything you want on the pizza and if you eat it, then it's free. The smartest strategy to beat the challenge would be to order a cheese pizza, so you had less overall food to eat. In an act of pure arrogance, I asked them to add some pepperoni to the pizza (which I had no intention of ever paying for).

Here is the "Ole 96er" - Only eight slices, but it took up most of the table (the pepperoni is under the cheese). For some perspective, compare this pie to my sun glasses and soda in the background.

In the heat of battle, I didn't have time for many action shots. But, I can tell you that about half way through your third slice, you start to get pretty full.

One slice between us and victory (". . . from hell's heart I stab at thee, pizza")
A mysterious hero in a Rockin Robin's T-shirt celebrates victory over a rather large pizza pan:

We finished it in eight minutes - Short of the record of 3:30 (!!!) but good enough for a free pizza. On top of the pizza, we received a little applause and our picture on the wall.

Despite eating rather quickly and to excess, I did enjoy the pizza. The signature of Ramundo's pizza is it's spicy sauce - They take a basic sauce, add herbs and spice, and marinate it for 24 hours. This is the key to Ramundo's pizza. Beyond that, I found the pizza to be good but a bit generic. The cheese is a rather stolid mozzerlla. The meat toppings are all Boar's Head, which isn't amazing but is better than Kroger brand. However, the toppings were a tad sparse. If I had a complaint about the pizza, it would be the crust. It was a little soggy and didn't have much taste.

Nonetheless, I give it a thumbs up as it does what it attempts to do. I rated Ramundo's the 20th best pizza in Cincinnati on my recent list. It's worth trying if you're in the area, especially if you have a healthy appetite. Of course, I guess you can just order it by the slice if you want... which is a good option late in Mt. Lookout - Ramundo's is open to 4am.

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