Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vito and Nick's

They say Vito and Nick's is the king of thin crust pizza done Chicago-style. That certainly sounds intriguing. So, when I found myself on the South side with some friends this week, we decided to hit it up.

The bar has been around for years, and that they’ve been making pizza since 1949. Looking around the place, that was believable to me. The restaurant was decorated like an old basement. The walls were half carpeted and half wood laminate paneling. There were also lots of Sicilian banners and trinkets on the walls - which I rather liked. The service was a little slow, and some of the waitresses seemed like they could have been originals. You have to be 21 (or accompanied by an adult) to get in, and everyone seemed to be drinking Old Style. Actually, most of the customers dressed and groomed as if their life goal was to one day be confused for Mike Ditka.

...So, you could say the place has some character.

I’m told that while they have spaghetti and such, just about everyone orders the pizza. The pies come with cracker-thin crust and are cut into a ton of small square pieces.

We just got two basic pizzas: one pepperoni (Apologies for the low quality of these cell phone shots):

and one sausage (“saaa-sidge”?):

The crust was thin, but firm. They go a little light on the sauce, but it works very well with the pizza. It’s a little sweet and has a good taste without being overwhelming. We had pepperoni and sausage. There weren’t too many other toppings available. However, the meats were both pretty good and plentiful. Overall the pizza had a good vivid taste, which was enjoyable in almost bite size pieces. …I would say their pizza is similar to what Donatos would be if Donatos pizza didn’t suck in almost all respects.

All around, Vito and Nick's has a fine pizza and a viable option the next time you find yourself in West Lawn.

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  1. Looks like a lot of cheese compared to Rubino in Columbus -- but otherwise I see the similarities. I expect to have some soon, thanks for the insight!


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