Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cassano - The Pizza King?

Cassano's is a small Kettering, Ohio based chain and is sometimes called the best pizza in Dayton. Their farthest south location is in a Fairfield strip mall, about a mile down Route 4 from Jungle Jim's. After a failed attempt a couple weeks back, I was able to stop by this past Saturday before the US-Ghana World Cup match (We didn't watch it at Cassano's, as they have no televisions).

The Fairfield Cassano's has been locally owned and operated since 1982. The inside looked like it may not have changed since the opening. There seemed to be an old baseball trophy motif going on. Oddly, this was a good sign to me (If they're doing good business and it's not because of the trendy look of the place, there's a good chance it's because of the quality of their food). ...You order at the counter here. They have fountain drinks but also a large part of the right wall consisted of big refrigerators full of drinks - 40 ounce Root Beers appeared to be the drink of choice for most customers.

We kept it simple and only ordered a 16" pizza with pepperoni, sausage, and jalapenos:

As you can see, a 16" pizza translates into about 50,000 tiny rectangular slices.

At first I thought they made their dough fresh, unlike other Fairfield pizzerias. However, I've since learned from Wikipedia that "Cassano's pizza dough is manufactured at a Kettering facility and flash-frozen before being shipped to restaurants." Apparently, they also sell Cassano's branded dough wholesale. Despite coming from frozen dough, the crust on our pizza was thin, crispy, a little salty, and pretty good.

As for the rest of the pizza, the sauce and cheese were pretty standard. The pepperoni was good and the jalapenos weren't bad but were very hot. In my opinion, the best part of the pizza was the sausage - It had a good taste, there was lots of it, and it was crumbled (which I prefer). One minor complaint: The square slices are very small and can be a bit sloppy. Yet, overall, I thought it was a pretty good pizza. It's not the best pizza in Cincinnati, but is worth trying when in Fairfield.

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  1. Cassano's is what I grew up on. It's salty & they do something with corn flour, too.
    When you get a weird pizza like that, you realize a "best" pizza is pretty much an impossibility.

  2. I also grew up on this pizza and truly miss it. That it's not readily available in the Cincinnati area gives me a reason to visit my home town up north every now and again. :)

  3. BTW..you should try Marion's in Dayton if you haven't already. It's a very similar style to Cassano's and the Dayton locals generally reside in either the Cassano's or the Marion's camp.

    1. Thanks, I tried Marion's within the last year (Centerville). Not bad, but I wasn't crazy about the cheese they used. So, I'm in the Cassano's camp for now. But, I'm generally looking for more Dayton places to try as I run out of Cincy pizzerias.

    2. Go to lewisburg or eaton ohio and try sarah's pizza. its the best in the area

  4. I grew up on Cassano's and it was always a regular stop when coming back to visit family; now I'm back in Cassano's area again and happy for that fact! I've only tried Marion's once (behind Dayton Mall), and really could hardly tell it from Cassano's; commented that if give a Marion's pizza in a Cassano's box, I'd believe it was.

    More Dayton pizza? I was warned away from Cousin Vinnie's, but couldn't resist trying it anyway. I actually like it just fine; it's cheap AND the only place in my town where you can get pizza all night! Everyone else closes at 9-11pm or so; CV is open (and delivers!) until an amazing 3am weeknights and 4am on weekends.

    Another one, voted "Best in Dayton" by someone sometime (aren't they all?) is Milano's. I've only tried the one in Springboro once, but it was good enough I'll go back. I'm told the original on Brown Street near Univ. of Dayton is the one to get. There is also one in Beavercreek. It's more 'upscale' (and expensive) than the 'cheap' pizzas discussed in this thread, and definitely worth a try when you're up there!


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