Monday, June 28, 2010

Fairfield Pizzeria

I'm a big fan of Jungle Jim's International Market on Route 4. And of course, I also like to try different pizzerias. So, over the last few weeks I thought I'd combine the ideas (like a baby and a house), and try a couple of Fairfield pizzerias during trips to Jungle Jim's. ...This sounded like a perfect idea (right?), but I met with rather mixed results.

On a Sunday afternoon a few weeks back, the original plan was to try Cassano's and watch the Red's game. Unfortunately, Cassano's doesn't open until four on Sundays. So, we traveled about a mile to Fairfield Pizzeria, which had be recommended to me by one of my coworkers from the area. Fairfield Pizzeria is a bit of a hole-in-the-wall. However, this place has a big menu for a pizzeria - Pizza, calzones, hot and cold subs, pasta, antipasto, soup, salads, various chicken dishes, fish, and veal. Their pizza is what is sometimes called Dayton or St. Louis style - it's thin crust and cut into square.

We kept it simple and ordered some cheese covered garlic bread for $4. Unbeknownst to us, that $4 get you two of these huge pieces of garlic bread - more food than the actual pizza.
It wasn't bad, basically what you're looking for in this type of unhealthy appetizer. Lot's of cheese and lots of bread. The meat sauce was fine also. But the quantity is just ridiculous - so it was a very nice deal.

We ordered a 16" "The Works" pizza for $16.50. That a pretty good deal for pepperoni, sausage, green pepper, mushroom, and onions (anchovies are an option on this pizza also, but we opted out):

And a sub for my other friend:

Partially because we had a full meal from just the garlic bread, we only ate about half of the pizza. The other reason we only ate about half was the taste of the pizza, which might be described as similar to some very bad Larosa's. The crust had telltale signs of being frozen. The sauce wasn't terrible, but that's only because it had no taste. The cheese was a mixture of provolone and mozzerla, and was just plain bad. The cheese, along with the toppings, tasted old. And overall, the pizza was rather dry. My friend was not any happier with his sandwich. ...The service at Fairfield Pizzeria was fine, the interior was alright, and the Reds won, but the food is just not good.

So, here's my recommendation - Don't go out of your way to visit Fairfield Pizzeria. And if you want to eat pizza, do not go here. But, if you're in Fairfield, feel free to BYOB and enjoy a ton of garlic bread with cheese.

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I plan to post a more positive review of another Fairfield-area pizza place tomorrow.


  1. go to chester's just north of the fairfield -hamilton border.

  2. and for the best steak sandwich/ sub - hoagie you'll ever eat goto Richards pizza (pizza is average) just a minute more north in Hamilton. Chester's is carryout only btw. (but his grandson Raymond's pizza (same pizza) in Liberty Twp has seating - while out there try Bruno's down the street from Raymond's (on Cin-Day) which is also in Oxford - but if you go to Oxford - get SDS pizza - best chicago style in the area (carryout // delivery only)

  3. You don't see many pictures of the food at these places online - What's the pizza like at Chester's/Raymond's & Richard's? Hand tossed crust?

  4. omg though - the cheesebread looks awesome!

  5. It was good and the size was crazy. It would have been an okay meal for the 3 of us.

  6. Raymond's/Chesters is a bar style than handtoss/ pan hybrid IMHO. Richard's is handtoss. Brunos is NY handtoss style. SDS has both, but Chicago style is crazy good, second only to Raymonds/ Chesters to me.

  7. I've been to Fairfield Pizzeria a few times. Never experienced what you described with the pizza. The sauce usually has a rich tomato flavor but isn't too spicy (so the kids will eat it without complaint). No real complaints about the crust for the style of pizza. Fine dining it isn't, but I've tasted much worse foods at much more expensive restaurants.

    FYI, Garlic Bread without the cheese comes standard with any pasta dish. Still a ridiculously large portion.


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