Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Price Hill Chili

Price Hill Chili is an old favorite of mine. Along with Sebastian's and J&J's, it's one of the restaurants I generally attempt to visit whenever I find myself on Glenway. So, on a recent Saturday, after a few rounds at the legendary Dunham Golf Course (Pay $10 and you can golf all day), I was able to hit it up with my fellow golfers.

Originally opened in 1963, Price Hill Chili has expanded over the years as it has prospered. There is an original dinner area, an addition, and the Golden Fleece Lounge (an attached bar, PHC bought and combined with the restaurant). As a result the place is quite big but has a bit of a labyrinth feel to it. The decorations are all Cincinnati, including lots of old shots of the Cincinnati inclines. Also, you are able to buy "West Price Hill" shirts here for $10 (You may just see me wearing one of these if you bump into me downtown). The restaurant is usually crowded with regulars, but I've never had to wait more than 5 minutes for a seat.

Price Hill Chili's menu in huge, which is usually a worrying sign. However, everything I have had here is quite good. I can vouch for the chili, burgers, breakfast food, and the sandwiches.

On our visit, the first thing we ordered was some Greek Fries - Fries with some Greek sprinkled on:

The fries are pretty basic and very salty, but the seasoning makes them spicy and quite good. Also the Greek bread is a good option (In Greece, they just call it "bread").

For an entrée, my friend ordered the tuna salad:

I'm not a huge fan of tuna, but he assured me that his sandwich was very good.

For me, all else equal, it's generally a good policy to order the specialty. Here, even though chili is in the names, they're best known for their "famous double-deckers". So, that's what I ordered. Adventurously, I chose corn beef twice with Swiss. As you can see in the picture below, they will bring some banana peppers upon request:

It was an excellent sandwich - good ingredients and great quantity. The double-decker really hit the spot for me and my East-side guests were all very pleased with their meals. Also, the prices are reasonable, especially considering the quantity of food you receive. It's not gourment, but if you're hungry and up for some good classic American food, I highly recommend Price Hill Chili. It's worth a little trip.

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