Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I will say Roc-a-Fellas is not like any other pizza I’ve had in Cincinnati. Located in Sharonville, Roc-a-Fellas is one of the highest rated Cincinnati pizzas on Urbanspoon, and maybe the most popular one that I had yet to try. A lot of the reviews call it the best New York style pizza in Cincinnati. ...I couldn’t let that pass without trying it out. So, a couple Sundays ago, a friend and I ventured to Sharonville to grab some pizza and then watch the Reds game across the street at Blue Goose.

Roc-a-Fellas is another hole-in-the-wall pizzeria (usually the best kind). Yet, my first impression was the amazing (to me) historic sports d├ęcor. Our booth had a signed Isaac Curtis jersey on the wall. So, I liked this place immediately.

For an appetizer, we had the breadsticks. For $4, I didn’t expect too much. I was pleasantly surprised when we were brought 8 large breadsticks. They were a little light/fluffy, but still filling due to the size. They were pretty good, and an excellent deal.

As for the pizza - They have big New York style pies, cut into 8 slices. It's $18 for a 3 topping 18" pizza, which is also a nice deal. We had the classic pepperoni, sausage, and mushrooms, which came out glistening:

A few thoughts on the pizza:
- They make their own dough daily. As you can probably tell from the photo, the crust was soft and quite doughy. It was not necessarily bad, but it seemed very lightly cooked.
- The sauce is homemade and different than just about any I’ve had. Their website says "each morning we blend our homemade, special New York sauce, made with crushed tomatoes, garlic, authentic Italian spices, real Romano cheese, and our tasty secret – a dash of sour cream!" I found that the sauce was dominated by that sour taste, as was in fact the entire pizza. It was not bad, but definitely different than anything I’ve had.
- The toppings were more conventional - They were good and came in the proper quantities.
- The cheese was also fairly standard, but good.

All and all, it was a decent pizza. Definitely very different. I’ve never had a pizza so dominated by a sour taste. I give them points for being unique. You can tell the pizza is their own recipe and they succeed up to a point. However, Roc-a-fellas was not the best New York style pizza that I’ve had in Cincinnati. That’s currently Noce’s. That said, I liked the place and would still stop back when I'm in Sharonville. And, at the current prices, it’s a great deal.

Roc-a-Fellas on Urbanspoon

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