Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Flying Pizza - New York-style Pizza in Monroe

Flying Pizza is a small local chain founded by a couple of Sicilians brothers who grew up in Queens. They opened their first Tri-State pizzeria in 1971 and have met with some success. This sounded promising to me. Also, I saw that Metromix recently gave Flying Pizza a very positive review. So, when I was at a friend's house on the Northwest side of town a few weeks back, I decided to cross this pizzeria off my Urbanspoon wishlist.

We arrived at about 7:45 on a Thursday. Unfortunately, they apparently close at 8:00 on weekdays. For a suburban restaurant, this seems ridiculously early to me. Nonetheless, the staff was friendly and okay with us eating inside while they cleaned up around us (and we watched many customers drive slowly by only to find that the restaurant had closed). Even if you go on a Friday or Saturday, Flying Pizza is open only to 9:00. Bizarre...

One of the first things I noticed here is that they have four different types of Brooklyn Brewery beers here, which gives them some additional credit in my book (but again makes it odd that they are only open to 8:00). We opted for some softdrinks (Which they charge $0.40 for refills on). Also, before our pizza we ordered a breadstick appetizer:
The breadsticks were okay. They were rather solid but had a lot of butter on them so they had a decent taste. However, they came with this crappy nacho cheese, which did not impress either of us. You can pass on this one. They could learn from some other pizzerias on how to do a bread-based appetizer.

They have two types of pizza here Sicilian and Neapolitan(New York style). Putting aside my proud half Sicilian heritage, we opted for a Neapolitan pie - Pepperoni and Jalapenos (Not very Neapolitan):
The crust is a little thicker than you would expect for a New York-style pizza (And honestly, I was a little biased against it from the moment I saw them pull it out of the freezer). It was rather stiff and wasn't really foldable.
There was a ton of cheese on the pizza, which is usually a good sign. However, it was pretty bland on this pizza. Same story with the sauce - Mild, not much taste. The toppings were a bit better though. The jalapenos had a strong taste and compensated some for the lack of taste in the rest of the pizza.
All and all, this pizza was a bit a disappointment. It was okay, there wasn't anything really bad about it, but it was just a bit bland. We left a slice behind which, after the Ramundo's incident, speaks for itself. I still give the restaurant a thumbs up because the prices were reasonable, and it's definitely better than comparable local chains. I won't go out of my way to make it back here. But, if I do return, I think I'd like to try the Sicilian-style.

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