Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hyde Park Pizzeria

Hyde Park Pizzeria, formerly the Italianette, is located on the outskirts of Hyde Park (ironically) on Erie Avenue. They seem to do mostly delivery business but do have a few tables inside.

The first thing you notice when you enter is that there is a huge version of the menu posted on the right wall next to the counter.

For drinks, they only had bottles, no fountain softdrinks. We decided on a healthy two liter of Diet Coke. Unfortunately, they didn't have regular sized cups or ice, so we did shots of refrigerated soda. Faced with the tough choice between a regular bottle and a funny looking classic one, this is what we opted for:

When we went on a Monday, they had a special - large pepperoni pizza for $9.00, so we went with that:

The first thing I noticed about the pizza is that the bring it out while it's still very hot. HPP's website states that they "use only the freshest ingredients for all of our recipes". It's mostly under the cheese so you can't see it in the shot above, but I thought the pepperoni had a very nice taste. The cheese and sauce were both pretty standard yet good. The crust was a little thicker that standard and tasted like it had a bit of garlic in it. I tend to like my pizza crust slightly burnt. That was not the case here. The crust was a lighter color than usually and a little soft and soggy. I was down to a few bites left in the last slice, before I thought it take a picture:

Well, that was the last slice in the pizza, which indicates how well we liked it. I'd like a more well cooked crust, but besides that, I thought it was pretty good. Hyde Park Pizzeria is definitely a viable pizza option when on Erie Avenue.

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