Saturday, July 31, 2010

Palomino's Happy Hour

Palomino is a small chain with eight locations across the country. Cincinnati's Palomino is located on the second floor of the Macy's building with a great view overlooking Fountain Square. During Happy Hour, the 12" pizzas (which actually seem to be about 13" or 14") are $6.00. The restaurant also has cheap appetizers and a decent selection of beers on tap (for $4.00 a pint). Fortunately, Happy Hour goes on all day every day in the bar section of Palomino.

I was there with some coworkers a while back to watch a game in the bar. We ordered a couple pizzas and I snapped a some iPhone photos to preserve this HH for posterity.

Roma Tomato and Basil:

Four Cheese Pizza:

Palomino uses a brick oven for their pizzas, which produces a great tasting crust. The crust is very thin and, as a result of the oven, is a bit burnt. It was excellent. However, since it's so thin, this relatively large pizza isn't as filling as the surface area would lead you to believe. The sauce was a little sweet with a nice taste, but there's not too much of it. The toppings are mildly creative and artisan. I had slices from both pizzas and thought they had quite a good taste. On top of being visually appealing, both pizzas were quite delicious. It was just an all around well-made pizza.

It's a little more chic than most of the places I visit. However, the cheap and very good brick oven pizza, makes this an awesome Happy Hour. The last time I was there, they had BarrelHouse on tap, which is just icing on the cake. This restaurant checks all the appropriate boxes, so I can say that Palomino has the Happy Hour downtown that most consistent with the dining principles of this blog. Highly recommended.

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