Sunday, July 25, 2010

Salvadore's Pizzeria

When looking for new food to try, I sometimes check Urbanspoon's list of the most popular pizza places in Cincinnati. For a long-time, a restaurant named Salvadore's Pizzeria in Erlanger, KY has been near the top of this list. I'd been planning to visit for a while and got a chance a few weeks back when visiting some friends down there in the deep South.

Salvadore's is located on the Dixie Highway (not traditionally known for its great pizza). I'm told from the pizza box and website that the restaurant has been family owned since 1972. Incidentally, their website is a source for some good deals on their pizza specials. We went on a Thursday at around 8:30. This day, they had a special on large 15" four topping pizzas for $9.99 - Not bad. We ordered a pizza at the counter, took at cardboard number, and had a seat by the bigscreen which was playing some fishing show.

We were # 45:

We opted for the classic pepperoni, sausage, jalapenos, and black olives.
We could see them kneading the dough behind the counter, which right away puts Salvadore's ahead of a lot of other Kentucky pizzerias. The pizza itself is cut into 12 slices, Dewey's style. With the narrow slices and the plentiful toppings, the pizza was a bit sloppy. The crust was a little thicker than typical (like a medium crust pizza) and a bit chewy. The toppings weren't bad, and all had some taste to them (not cardboard toppings). The cheese and sauce were pretty typical. Nothing really blew us away about the pizza, but it was all around pretty good. At the low price, it was worth it.

It isn't elite Cincinnati pizza, but it was a fine pie and a great deal. I'd consider stopping back. With Salvadore's, Pasquale's, Dewey's, and a new Noce's location, Erlanger, KY is home to some surprisingly good pizza options. I will highly recommend all of them over the Erlanger Larosa's.
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  1. Just FYI: Salvadore's is the old Pasquale's.

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