Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jet's Pizza

Jet's Pizza is a Michigan-based pizza chain with a southern outpost on Mason-Montgomery Road. My experience with Michigan-based pizza chains has not be 100% positive - Domino's and Little Caesar's aren't the best. But actual Detroit-style pizza when done well can be very good. Detroit-style pizza is similar to Sicilian-style. It's pan-cooked and rectangular with a thick and crispy crust. I've had some excellent pie at Louie's Pizza in Detroit, and was hoping to re-live that a bit locally.

This is a pick-up and delivery place located in a strip mall, with a couple tables outside. Using a three tier conveyor oven, the pizza is cooked at a level of efficiency the Big Three Automakers can only dream of...  Despite the pizza's thickness, ours only took ten minutes. I took a picture of the oven through the front window (excuse the glare):

Jet's also offers thin-crust, but we decided on an XL Thick Crust pizza. You can get the crust with butter, garlic or romano. Or, there's the "Turbo Crust" which includes all three:

Here's the crust only, minus the corner for some reason (I sent this slice back):
The pan-cooked crust was airy, not dense, and had a hard crusty outside. I would say that it had a consistency similar to pan fried pizza at Pizza Hut, but better. The "Turbo crust" taste (butter, garlic, and romano) was subtle, not at all overwhelming. There wasn't much sauce, but it was decent. They gave us a good amount of toppings and they all had a nice taste. The "artisan sausage" was very good (much better than Larosa's "cardboard sausage". The bacon wasn't bad, but was a little burnt.

In sum, Jet's pizza just "works" - It's a good pie worth trying. It's a very good delivery pizza (better than the vast majority of chain pizza in Cincy) and very good option for this style of pie. I've heard the complaint that they're a little expensive, but Jet's also has daily specials. If you take advantage of those when ordering, you can get a pretty nice deal here.

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