Saturday, August 14, 2010

Riverfront Pizza and Sports Bar

Riverfront Pizza and Sports Bar is a 25-year-old sports bar located in Covington, in the same parking lot as Waffle House. Their website states that their menu "specializes in gourmet pizza, delicious hoagies and many other tasty options". I had heard mixed things the place, but decided to give it a try recently as a spot to watch a Reds game with friends (Also, living downtown, there's just no excuse for me not to have visited a pizzeria this close to me).

The exterior of Riverfront Pizza looks kinda like a 1970s convenience store. However, the inside was nicer than I expected; it looked a lot like a small BW3s.

They have a pretty full bar menu, including "Pizza Box Nachos"(?):

We passed on that option and instead opted for a large 16" pepperoni pizza for $10.
The pizza is cut into squares but they are big squares. The sauce had a bit of a tangy taste and as you can see above, there was a lot of it. This made the pizza a bit messy. However, the crust was pretty thick and the big squares were manageable. The crust definitely seemed frozen, and if anything, undercooked. It had a very light color for a pizza crust. The cheese tasted like provolone (but better than LaRosa's) and the pepperoni was pretty decent.

I'd have to say that overall the pizza really wasn't very good - Bad crust, mediocre everything else. However, it's not like Riverfront is trying to be a top notch pizzeria. If you're just looking for some cheap pizza to eat as you drink beer, this is a fine option. I would rate the food better than Buffalo Wild Wings.
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Also worth noting: Cousin Tim was able to find four spelling errors on their menu - I'll take this as a sign of restaurant character.


  1. I work in Covington and always see that place when I go to Waffle House, and wondered if it was any good. I guess I won't be jumping to try this place. That's funny about the spelling errors, I always notice that kind of thing lol

  2. I'm on the opposite end - I really love their pizza...

  3. I thought it was below average pizza, but we did eat the whole thing. So, it wasn't too bad.

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