Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cincy by the Slice

Cincy by the Slice is located on Main Street in Over-the-Rhine (one of my favorite parts of town), next to Mayberry and across from the Drinkery. The pizzeria is shaped like a long hall with a small bar in the back; you order from the friendly guy at that bar.

In the past few years, Cincy by the Slice has opened and closed locations in Elmwood and Deer Park. The OTR location is the only one currently operating. Their website advertises themselves as the opposite of typical chain pizzerias. Rather, they are aimed at the "true pizza connoisseur". Their website states that they "bake our pizzas in a high temperature stone oven for a perfect crisp crust." Also, their sauce uses San Marzano tomatoes, originating in Naples, Italy. I had tried them a couple times for a lunch slice, but wasn't too impressed. However, by-the-slice pizza can sometimes be sitting around for a while, and doesn't necessarily give a good representation of a pizzeria.

The menu here is notable for the presence of a pizza creation called the Pickleroni (Pickles & Pepperoni). That may be a bridge too far... We opted for the more traditional Pepperoni Pie. All the emphasis on the oven and ingredients led me to have high expectations for this pizzeria. The crust is thin and the slices are fairly large and foldable. The crust was chewy and had a healthy char on the bottom and around the edges-- usually a good sign. However, there was very little taste to the crust. We agreed, it was borderline cardboard-esque.

I did like the sauce, which was probably costly to produce with the aforementioned San Marzano tomatoes. However, there is very little of it on the pizza. There is however, a lot of Wisconsin cheese, which had a bit of a rubbery taste (big disappointment). The pepperoni are the tiny ones, similar in size to what you see on microwave pizzas, but fairly tasty.

Here's a full frontal shot:

And here's the upskirt shot:

Cincy by the Slice probably does the trick if you're in search of a late night slice (and have had 4+ drinks). Also, if you're looking for a slice at lunch in downtown/OTR, you're not going to find much better. However, if you are searching for a good pie for lunch or dinner, this pizzeria falls short. It's more like a 4/10.

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