Friday, February 1, 2013

Quattro Formaggi at Aponte's

Aponte's threw us a curve ball: They called their style of cuisine New Jersey-style pizza. Wha-Huh? There is something called a Trenton Tomato Pie (Open a coal-fired Trenton Tomato Pie place in Cincinnati and we'll be enthusiastically first in line to review!). Or I guess there's the Pizzaland place from the Sopranos (pictured below). However, there is no such thing as Jersey-style pizza. It's like saying Price Hill-style pizza or Dayton-style hot dogs. Or New Jersey style Philly Cheesteak (actually on the menu here).

On the back of the menu, founder Tony Aponte explains his rationale "I'm from New Jersey... It's the kind of pizza we made." Okay, good enough for us.  Honestly, the pies reminded us of various small town pizzerias we've visited. But, enough arguing about pizza taxonomy. On to the actual pie!

The crust is fairly thin and fluffy. It is evenly cooked with no char on the bottom, but a decent number of bubbles on top. The sauce is housemade, but not prominent. On our visit, we opted for the 14" Four Cheese pizza. The menu advertises that they use 100% whole-milk (mozzarella) cheese rather than a mix or provolone. It was of solid quality. The Four Cheese also featured a generous helping of ricotta cheese, which gave the pie a creamy and somewhat sweet taste.

Here's the under-crust. As you can see, the pizza comes on these bumpy pans.

Aponte's is in downtown Mason and very much has the feel of a small town family pizzeria. The small stand-alone restaurant is decorated with a combination of local and New York sports items. Also, some of the 
specialty pizzas are named after Aponte's three daughters. Highlighting their community involvement, the menu mentions that Aponte's donates pizzas to local school and Kiwanas events. To us, it had the feel of a place you might go after a high school football game. We might not drive across town again to try it. But if you're in West Chester, Aponte's definitely is worth a try. 

P.S. Make sure you go to the 312 Reading Road location and NOT 753, which is their old place (The Apontes's sign is still up at the 753 location, but alas there is no pizzeria to be found).

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  1. It's actually in downtown Mason, which is altogether different and not very close geographically to downtown West Chester. But we knew what you meant.

  2. They changed the menu they don't deliver anymore. The change is bad an a lot of people don't like it anymore


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