Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Buona Fortuna at Bella Luna

Good fortune fell upon us one Friday evening. My car was finally back to its' quasi normal state, and we were invited to join our close friends for a dinner at Bella Luna on Eastern Avenue. As you can imagine, parking was a bit of a hassle. If you cannot find a spot in the gravel pit of a parking lot, try the curb across from Terry's Turf Club. (The two restaurants are literally next door to the other.) I know what you're thinking... if you park across from TTC you might find yourself in a foodie dilemma!  "Should we opt for a juicy burger or fine Italian cuisine?" If you frequent Cincinnati, you simply must try both. No matter what place you decide, you will not be disappointed.

Arriving early, we were greeted by a lovely hostess and helped ourselves to the bar. Music was not loud, the happy hour patrons were easy-going, and the sangria flowed like the Mediterranean Sea. Now, let's talk food...     

Crab and lobster ravioli? Don't mind if I do! The sauce was rich, creamy, and flavorful. It tingled my entire mouth with as I sat in bliss--as if the world's problems slowly left my mind with every bite.  

There is more than just cheese here! This mess is the Prime Rib Cannelloni, Winner of "Best Damn Dish" at Taste of Cincinnati. Normally, when a place really pushes one dish, we'll be all over it. In this case, it turned out quite nicely. While it was heavy and cheesy, it was also rather delicious.

Is this a canole or you just happy to see me? What is an Italian dinner without a tasty cannoli?

Bread Pudding...heaven on Earth friends, heaven on Earth. Served warm in a puddle of sweet caramel-like sauce.

The front bar was packed and felt a bit chic, but the dining area was a decidedly more low-key. It felt like eating in a family's living room. Adding to the family feel, the service was attentive and all around excellent. If you're in the mood for a hearty Italian dinner, you can't go wrong with Bella Luna.

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