Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We Had the Wurst Dinner Last Night

The Wurst Bar in the Square opened a few months ago in Mt Lookout Square (across the Street from Mt Lookout Tavern). When we stopped by for a Tuesday dinner, the restaurant was about 3/4 full. It's modernly decorated with wood walls (which seems to be the style now) and comfy bar stools. We opted for a small table and started with a light drink - the "Bermuda Rum Swizzle". It was a combination of rum, brandy, lemons, and a few other secret ingredients (printed on a mural, adorning the wall across for us). For a cocktail, it was not too strong, but quite pleasant as the flavors did not overwhelm the pallet. It was a nice drink to enjoy throughout the meal, and we could do so since they leave a refill container. 

Food-wise, we went the opposite direction, choosing a small but heavy appetizer. "Mama T's Secret Sausage Dip" consists of ground sausage, herbs, and creamy cheese served with a bowl of Frito scoops. It tastes just like it looks, hearty and flavorful. To the untrained foodie, being served broken chips might be challenging, however, if you are being served Frito scoops, or any sturdy chip, broken chips can withstand any dipping challenge. Remain mindful of your fellow foodies when dipping your crumbled chip as you may accidentally drown not only your chip, but your finger too.

The first of our meals was the Portuguese Linguica (Cured pork sausage, with olive and garlic tapenade, and dijon mustard).  The tapenade and mustard were the strongest tastes on this item. Fortunately, they were delicious. Eaten on it's own, the sausage was very high quality. However, the combination was quite a work of art. We ordered it on brioche, but there is a choice of three different buns. The brioche has soft, sweet taste, which complemented the flavors as well as holding the mountain of food into place.
Haven't tasted a mettwurst this good since Lisbon!

Next was the Abe Froman Special. Named after the Sausage King himself! This Chicago style dog features Neon Green relish, spicy peppers, shaved onion, brown mustard, sauerkraut, and fries (each order comes with a side of fries also). Being Chicago hot dogs snobs, we were a little nervous about ordering a Chicago dog in Cincinnati (just try and find a good Italian Beef sandwich in this town). Luckily, the Wurst Bar produces a dog that competes with anything we've tried in Chicago. It was the heavier of the two dogs, but also quite good.

When bell rang, this was all that was left of the meal.

While not quite as chic as the Senate (which we are fans of), we found the food at this laid back restaurant to be even better.  There's nothing really like it in Cincinnati. It's a very well crafted but not overly pretentious restaurant, that most reminded me of Hot Doug's in Chicago (which tops our unpublished hot dog list for that city). The Wurst Bar provides a very flavorful meal and is worth the stop for any Cincinnatian. For this place, we suggest two bits of advice: 1. Come hungry, because it is a filling meal. 2. Don't be a prude; stuff your face, laugh about the relish that is being smeared against your cheeks as you devour your wurst, wipe, and repeat. Enjoy!

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  1. LOVE Hot Doug's. Can't wait to try The wurst.


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