Monday, November 18, 2013

Germantowne Pizza Haus

Germantowne Pizza Haus is a pizzeria in Latonia (just south of Covington). You might think it's a knock off from Haufbrauhaus, but soon you realize it is far from it. Germantowne is a neighborhood pizzeria that has been around since 1970, but just moved to the current location a few years ago. It is, as the name implies, a German-themed restaurant that specializes in pizza. German-style pizza sounds like it would be right in our proverbial wheelhouse. So, the other night, we decided to venture down Madison Avenue to give it a taste. We started with an order of Sauerkraut balls (always an Oktoberfest favorite); they were to our liking.

For pizza, we ordered the "Fritz's Favorite Topper" which includes sauerkraut and sausage. The toppings (all under the cheese) were plentiful. A dense medium pizza was way more than enough for two people. The cheese was all provolone (similar to Larosa's), which was not bad although a bit lacking in flavor... bordering on rubbery.

The sauerkraut was an interesting topping choice and we can see some liking it, but our verdict was: Kraut should be served in deep-fried balls or with a mett, bratt, or anything else--not pizza.

The crust was the killer for this pizza. It was sturdy enough to hold a lot of toppings, but with no air bubbles and little taste. It was also a much lighter color than typical. Possibly hinting at a pre-made frozen crust. It was just bad.

Pizza is pizza and so we ate it. But never again. Germantowne was a disappointment, not least because we were really hoping for it to be a great hidden gem. If you're craving pizza, we recommend heading down Madison Avenue for Giuseppe's (a very good pie) instead. For the bottom line on Germantown Pizza Haus, we defer to the great James Brown.

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  1. Urbanspoon says this place is out of business.


  2. Checking their FB, it looks like they just closed. Sad to see, but I don't think it was our review that knocked them out.


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