Monday, January 20, 2014

Queen City Pizza

When I first joined Urbanspoon, I gave Queen City Pizza a thumbs down. That thumb direction was based on foggy memories of having tried it around 1995 and thinking the pizza wasn't as good as Mr. T's Pizza (a fine, but sadly lost West Side Pizzeria formerly on Elberon).  Not that I'm second guessing Nine-Year-Old's-Joe's judgement in pizza... But after nineteen years, I decided to give Queen City Pizza a second try.

Queen City Pizza is a pick-up/delivery place on Queen City Avenue. The area is a little rough, but not too bad. Their website has a lot of good coupons which can make this pizza quite reasonable. I opted for a three topping (Pepperoni, sausage, and extra cheese) large pizza for $11.99. The pizza was square cut and bigger than a typical chain large pizza. It ended up being enough pizza for 3-4 people.
Square-Cut Large Cheese, Pepperoni, and Sausage Pizza
This was a heavy pizza, but that's probably due to my topping selection. There was a ton of cheese on this pie. The crust itself was actually pretty fluffy, with a crisp bottom (as if fried in olive oil). It was really a quite good crust for a medium-crust pizza. 
The Undercarriage Shot
Nice Gluten Structure!
The pepperoni and sausage tasted similar to what you would get at Papa John's. The cheese was as good as you'd expect for such a pizza. Really for $11.99, you're not going to get authentic Campania buffalo mozzarella. Nor do you want it, this was just a solid "workhorse pizza". It tastes good and will satisfy you at a low cost.  For the price of Papa John's, you get a much better pizza than Papa Johns. 

The crust is what made this pizza. But let me emphasize that you should get the "Traditional Regular Crust". We returned for a second visit and tried their "Neapolitan Thin Crust"... It comes about as close to a good Neapolitan Pizza as Domino's. It was too hard, a little burnt (and I always hesitate to use that word with pizza), and just lacking in taste. You'd be much better served by sticking to the traditional crust. 

Bottom line: With Queen City Pizza, we believe we have found a well hidden gem. If you're thinking about going to Papa John's, Pizza Hut, Domino's, or Little Caesar's - stop and reconsider. You would be better served by a traditional crust pizza at Queen City Pizza. If you happen to have heard the nine-year old-version of me bad mouthing the traditional crust pizza here, all I can offer you is a little Social Distortion (chalk it up to the errors of youth):

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